Create Success from the Inside Out    

What do you want most in life? Whether it's creating more fulfilling work, to have deeper and more meaningful relationships, or to be bolder and more courageous in your life, I provide the support, structure and tools to reach your dreams and goals. Inspired by your deepest desires,  I'm 100% committed to assisting you in creating what's most meaningful to you.

Everyone's goals are unique, so I customize how we work together using my varied background in counseling and spiritual psychology, coaching technologies, tools I've developed and mastered, and many years as a creative entrepreneur and business owner.

Success is an inside job. My clients learn how to connect and communicate with themselves in a deeper way. We work on developing a greater awareness of the inner critic and how to quiet that voice that often tells them what they can’t have, do, or be in life. As a result they discover a stronger, wiser and more supportive voice within that empowers them to realize their dreams and goals. These new tools help develop the confidence and trust to overcome obstacles and live a more dynamic, authentic and fulfilling life.  

How do we work together?
We meet in person, over the phone or Skype, weekly or bi-weekly. At the end of each session you'll have your next action steps that will guide you forward. After each session I'll email you a follow-up with your current action plan. If we meet every two weeks, our sessions are a little longer, and I'll send an email to touch base to support you and stay connected the week we don't meet. I'm also available via email or a quick chat for any questions you may have in between sessions.

How long do most people work with me as a coach?
Growth is a process not an event, so it varies. Generally I work with clients a minimum of 3-6 months, and I have clients that I've worked with for years. Some of my clients choose to work with me on and off over time, depending on what goals they want to accomplish or challenges they want me to help them navigate. Check out my packages to see what will best support you.

All packages include:

  • 3 sessions per month ( in person, phone or Skype)
  • Available via email for questions throughout the month
  • Email session summary with notes & action steps
  • PDF guides and forms for tracking your progress
  • Resources & guidance specific to your type of business & goals (suggested articles, books, etc, that support your vision & advancement as it applies)
  • Consistent accountability & support (weekly check-ins)
  • Objective & supportive guidance that's 100% committed to your success, happiness & fulfillment

As your coach, I am 100% committed to your success and happiness, while providing objective and supportive guidance that's confidential and customized for you.

Click here to contact me to find out more, or to schedule a discovery call. It's a no pressure/no obligation conversation to learn more about each other.

"Working with Margalit was like melting a wall that had me stuck. Her process was organic and genuine. She created a strong and lasting breakthrough between me and my goal. She opened my eyes to the things that were holding me back. Thanks to her I finally broke out from my cocoon and I am starting to fly."
Satoe Kawashima, Colorful & Vivacious


Do you love being surrounded by natural beauty, being treated to a delicious meal, or enjoying a spa treatment? Then you may love doing your coaching sessions in retreat. Contact me for more information.